Key Management

Anastassios Kallitsantsis, Executive Member 

Civil Engineer, National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio Polytechnic, 1976)

He is founding partner and since 2006 Chairman of ELLAKTOR S.A. (previous name ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI TEB S.A.) and active member of the construction industry in Greece since 1976. Anastassios Kallitsantsis is, also, Member of AKTOR SA since 2002, Chairman of ELTECH ANEMOS SA, Vice-Chairman of ELPEDISON POWER SA, and Managing Director of REDS SA (members of the ELLAKTOR Group of Companies). AKTOR SA is active in the construction sector, ELTECH ANEMOS is in the development and operation of wind farms, ELPEDISON POWER in the thermal electricity generation sector, and REDS is a real estate development company. He is Member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) since 2005, Secretary General for the period 2008-2010 and Vice-President since May 2010. In addition, he is Member of the Board of Directors of SEV Business Council for Sustainable Development since its incorporation (2008)..

Ioannis Moraitis, CEO, General Director, Executive Member

Civil Engineer, National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio Polytechnic,1991), ΜSc, GGIS University College London (1993), MBA Excecutive Athens University of Economics and Business Administration (2006)

He holds post-graduate degrees in Geodetic Information Systems and Business Administration and has extensive professional experience in private and public building and technical infrastructure projects. In 1998, he became Project Manager of ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI S.A. and on June 2005 he assumed the duties of REDS S.A. General Director.

Theodoros Xenidis, Project Director

Rural & Surveying Engineer, National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio Polytechnic,1987), ΜSc Real Estate Appraisal (2005)

He joined ELLAKTOR Group in 1989. Member of the BoD of YIALOU EMPORIKI & TOURISTIKI S.A. and YIALOU ANAPTYXIAKI S.A. He has participated in the materialisation of major Investments of the ELLAKTOR Group or its clients, such as the Development of major Residential, Special Tourist Installations, Logistics, Industrial, Offices, Commercial and Entertainment Complexes and retail chains as well as in the feasibility studies and the tendering procedures. Member of Real Estate committees hold by the Technical Chamber of Greece and by the Hellenic Association of Rural and Surveying Engineers. Member of the Hellenic Institute of Valuation..

Evangelia Velona-Argirou

Rural & Surveying Engineer, Aristotle Technical University of Thessaloniki (1975)

State Certified Designer with grade 2 for Urban Planning and grade 27 for Environmental Design. Employed in REDS since 2000, supporting the design development of large scale projects (Residential , Office, Retail and Leisure Developments) of the Ellaktor Group and its’ clientele. Her Project involvement spans from the feasibility studies to the tendering procedures and the actual materialization of the above Projects.

Evagelos Manolis, Project Director

Civil Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1996)

He joined ELLAKTOR Group in 1998. He has worked as Site Manager/ Director of Construction in Office, Hotel development. In 2004 he joined REDS’ Development Department, as Project Director of Residential Complexes’ Development and Construction.

Gerasimos Georgoulis, Financial Services Manager

Economist, Athens University of Economics and Business (1991)

He joined ELLAKTOR Group in 1984. He has undertaken the position of Accounting Supervisor for Group subsidiaries and since March 2009 he has been appointed Financial Services Manager within REDS. He has long experience in the fields of accounting and taxation and he is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece.