1. Christos Panagiotopoulos, Chairman, Executive Member

He has been active in Construction and Real Estate for more than 35 years, having developed a successful business activity in Greece and abroad. He is a nonexecutive member of the Board of Directors of REDS A.E., subsidiary of ELLAKJOR Group, since 2014, having also served as Chairman of the Board. During his professional career, he has been successfully involved as a contractor in important Public and Private projects along with his business activity in the field of Real Estate.

Christos Panagiotopoulos was born in Evritania and studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens [1987]

2. Ioanna Samprakou, Vice President, Non-Executive Member 

She holds a degree in Computer & IT Engineering and a Master's Degree from the University of Patras, while holding a Patent approved by the "U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office", and an MBA from ALBA Graduate Business School. Until recently, she held the position of Group Investments & Development Director of the Dimera Group.

For a number of years she has been an Advisor to the Ministers of Infrastructure, Transport & Communications, the Deputy Minister of Economy & Development, responsible for Industry & Trade, and the Deputy Minister of Economy & Development responsible for Investments, dealing extensively with the legislative and pre-legislative framework, Strategic Investments and PPPs, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Infrastructure, Privatization, Telecommunications and Digital Development.

She has been the National Coordinator of the Investment Promotion and Strategic Investment Program, under the World Bank within the framework of the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP), She has been the Coordinator of the National ICT Strategy "Digital Growth 2021" and "National Broadband Plan", while she was in charge of government reforms, such as the transition to Digital Television and 4G. She has served as a Member of the Delegation of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) for five consecutive terms, as well as Vice President of the Association of Informatics and Communications Engineers of Greece (EMIPEE).

She is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Olympia & Bequests Committee, while she has been the Chairman of the Organization Committee "Digital Payments and Digital Single Market Initiatives" and the Conference "1st Athens Digital Payments Summit".

3. George Constantinidis, Managing Director, Executive Member

Founder & President of SWOT SA. He is a graduate of Alpine| The Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management where he studied Tourism Organization & Management, while he has also completed his certification in Hospitality Management at Cornell University in the USA. Since 2010, he has been Executive Director & CEO of Societes Anonymes in the field of Tourism & Sports, while until then, and for several years, he gained significant experience in the field of Commercial Management of Societes Anonymes.

He is distinguished in structural business development communication and international relations with investment schemes and organizations.

4. Alexandra Stavropoulou, Member, Non-Executive Member 

Lawyer at the Supreme Court.

Graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens and holds a Master's Degree (LL.M.) in International Banking Law and Capital Market Supervision Law from Boston University.

She has extensive judicial experience and provides advice to financial institutions and listed companies on commercial and capital market law, including regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

She maintains a law office in Athens. She speaks English, French and German. She is married and mother of two children.

5. Konstantinos Toumpouros, Independent, Non-Executive Member

Konstantinos Toumpouros was born in 1978. He studied Civil Engineering [BSc and MSc] with specialization in Hydraulics Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and works as civil engineer since then.

He has worked, among others, as Vice President and Board member of Ergonomia SA and as President and CEO of Ergometria SA. He is currently President and CEO of the construction and property management company Temco SA.

6. George Kountouris, Non-Executive Member

He is a co-founder & COO of Liqubit Investments Ltd. He was co-founder and CEO of Click Delivery SA. He has previously served as Sales Manager of Extreme Networks Southeast Europe, General Manager S / W Business Unit of Singular Logics SA CEO of Avaya, Sales Manager of Microsoft, Country Manager of Greece and Cyprus for 3Com and VP Sales of Greece and Cyprus for Olivetti.

He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan.

7. Theodoros Pantatalakis, Independent, Non-Executive Member 

Theodoros Pantalakis holds a degree from the Department of Business Administration of Piraeus Higher School of Industrial Studies.

Previous employment - commitments From 1980 to 1991, he worked at the National Investment Bank for Industrial Development [ETEBA], whereas during the period 1 983 - 1 985 he was Associate of the Deputy Minister for National Economy, Mr. Kostis Vaitsos, while during the period 1985-1988, he was Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister for National Economy, Mr. Theodoros Karatzas. From 1991 to 1 996, he was Assistant General Manager at Interamerican Group. From March 1996 to April 2004, he held the position of Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Greece, while concurrently he was President Vice-President or Board member of subsidiaries of the National Bank, He has also been Vice Chairman of the Athens Stock Exchange, Chairman of the Central Depository, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Bank Association, etc. In May 2004, he became Vice Chairman of the BoD of Piraeus Bank, and from January 2009 to December 2009, he was Vice President and Deputy CEO of the Group. At the same time, he was Chairman or Board member of subsidiaries and affiliates of Piraeus Bank Group.

From December 2009 to July 2012, he served as Chairman of the BoD - Governor of the Agricultural Bank of Greece [ATE], During the same period, he was Chairman or Board member of subsidiary companies of ATE. He was also a member of the BoD and of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Bank Association.

Today, he is the CEO of Attica Bank.