Development of REDS’ projects

We undertake all stages of the development process for our own developments, and that of our subsidiaries. The development sectors which we are currently active in include:

  • Retail & Entertainment Centers
    Award winning, pioneering centers which enhance the local areas they belong to, and blend harmoniously with their respective environments.
  • Retail Parks
    Our aim is to provide a new, uplifted retail experience for the "big box" sector
  • Residential
    Our residential estates are designed with the need not just to "dwell" in a high quality building, but to be able to ‘live’ a higher quality life. This approach has led to worldwide accreditation, and exceptionally high home sales.
  • Mixed Use
    The creation of coordinated and efficient co-existence for mixed activities is a demanding task, which we can proudly say we have repeatedly accomplished with success.
  • Office Buildings
    Our office developments include that of restored and modernised listed buildings in the historical center of Athens, as well as new office buildings, located both in the CBD and the suburbs.
  • Exhibition and Conference Centers
    We work in co-operation with exhibition and conference organisers to create centers of the highest specifications