This site  (hereinafter referred to as "Website") has been created by the company,


"Company").  This website aims to provide information and services for the visitors/users of the

Website.  The Company is the Data Controller of your personal data, which it receives through

the use of the Website in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679

(hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") as well as under the no. 4624/2019 greek law, as it applies. 

 This Personal Data Notice (hereafter the "Notice") explains what kind of data is collected by the

Company and how the Company uses that data, including data from your visit to this Site.  This

Notice includes a description of your privacy rights and also explains what kind of personal

information we collect through the site, and how this data is handled. 

Type of personal data and purpose of processing 

 Personal data is that information relating to a person whose identity is or may be known. The

Company does not collect personal data directly from the Site unless you contact the Company

and make use of the contact details and individual email addresses mentioned therein. 

 The company processes the data of the users of the Website in order to respond to requests,

comments and questions for further information, or to assess any job applications. 

 Transferring of your personal data 

 As part of the company's business your data may be transferred to partners or other affiliated

companies only when this is strictly necessary for the exercise of such activities.  In this case,

under the GDPR rules, partners and affiliates commit to the lawful processing of your personal

data under a confidentiality agreement. 

 Your data may be transfered to public authorities and other third parties  when required by

applicable law, including among others our compliance with a court ruling. 

Your rights

In order to process and keep this data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data

Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the no. 4624/2019 law, the Company shall take all

necessary technical and organizational measures for the safe processing of such data and for

ensuring an adequate level of data security against risks, e.g.  destruction, loss, alteration,

unauthorized reading / copying, modification or deletion of personal data, to ensure the

confidentiality, integrity, security, availability and reliability of systems and processing services

in a continuous base. 

 The Company does not process the above data for other purposes as well as processes only the

personal data necessary for the purpose of the processing, which always takes place lawfully

and in accordance with the spirit and the terms of the General Regulation, the no 4624/2019

law and the effective legislation.

 Personal data processed by the Company are lawfully retained for as long as it is necessary for

the purpose of processing.  Upon expiry of this period, the data is deleted unless otherwise

provided by the applicable legal and regulatory framework or as required to defend the

Company's rights before a Court or other competent Authority. 

As a data subject, you have, under certain conditions, the right to access your recorded data, as

well as the right to receive the above-mentioned data in a structured, commonly used and

machine readable format (portability right), the right to correct your data if it is inaccurate, the

right to delete your personal data, unless its observance is mandatory by law, the right to limit

the processing, the right to object at all times to the processing of the personal data concerning

you, including the processing of the profile setting and, in general, all the rights provided for in

Chapter III of the General Regulation. 

 To exercise your above rights and any other information or questions regarding the processing

of your personal data you can contact Mrs. Margarita Skarou (, tel. 210

6635982) who has been appointed as Data Protection Officer for the group of companies “REDS


 If you exercise any of your above rights, the Company will take every possible action to meet

your request within thirty (30) days of receipt, and you will be informed of this.  It is stated that

this period may be extended for two (2) additional months, taking into account the complexity

of your request and the number of requests in general.   These rights are exercised at no cost to

you, unless they are often repeated and because of their number they have administrative costs

for us, so you will incur costs. 

Furthermore, our Company will notify you of any violation of your personal data if this violation

may put your rights and freedom at high risk, and provided that it does not fall under one of the

exceptions the law expressly provides. 

You also have the right to have recourse to the Personal Data Protection Authority if you believe

that your rights regarding the processing of your personal data are being affected. 


 The Company may collect information of the Users of the Site, using similar technologies, such

as cookies and / or tracking Internet Protocol address (IP). 

 Cookies are small text files stored on each user 's hard disk and do not obtain any knowledge of

any document or file from their computer and are used to facilitate User access to the use of

specific services and / or Site pages for statistical purposes and in order to determine which

areas are useful or popular.  The following types of cookies are used on the Site : 

 (a) the "browser" cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookies folder in the

browser for as long as the user is connected to the Site, and 

 (b) the "persistent” cookies - these are held longer in the file “cookies” of the browser used by

the User (depending on the lifetime of the specific cookie).  

Browsing cookies are used to improve browser navigation on the site and to collect aggregate

statistical information.  This aggregated statistical information is used for internal purposes only

by the Company and will not be passed on to third parties.  

Persistent cookies are used on the Site to store information on the computer of the user for

various purposes, indicative of the retrieval of specific information previously provided by the

user (e.g., code details) for defining the areas of the Site that are more interesting to users and

the configuration of the site according to the user 's preferences.  These data may also include

the type of browser used by the user, the type of computer, its operating system, Internet

service providers and other information of this kind.  Moreover, the information system of the

Site automatically collects information about the places visited by the User and about links to

third party websites that may be chosen by using the site link.  The User may set up his web

browser in such a way that he or she warns him or her against the use of cookies in certain

services or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any way.  In the event that the

user of these services and pages does not wish to use cookies for his / her recognition, he / she

may not have access to these services. 

The user’s computer receives an IP address each time the User is connected to Internet.

Through this address the user’s computer sends and receives data. In general, each time the

User is connected to Internet the IP address is different. However, under specific conditions,

(e.g. in broadband connections) the user’s IP address becomes permanent. A permanent IP

address might identify a user with a certain computer and therefore might process personal

data. Web log information is non-personalized information collected by the computer hosting

the Website each time a user visits the Website. Examples of types of information collected

through IP address include date and time of website visit, the browser type and software type

used. The Company or its authorized representatives make use of User’s IP address and web log

information in order to collect aggregated information about the use of the Website and to

improve its operation. 

Links and Third Party Products on the Website 

 The Website may be linked to third party web sites and services that are not controlled by the

Company which is not responsible for the security or confidentiality of any information gathered

from web sites or other services.  If the user decides to use via the links on the site some  of the

third-party websites, accepts that he does so under his own responsibility. 

 The Users should monitor and watch the relevant privacy statement applicable to the web sites

and third party services that use. 

 We also provide you with a number of products or services (google maps, embedded

documents from, search services such as phone, pdf files, etc.) developed by third

parties – websites and we are not responsible for these third party products or services.

Amendments to the personal data protection terms

Since this notice and the personal data protection terms it contains may be amended, data

subjects must regularly check the content of this notice for any changes.