The Group

Real Estate Development & Services: In the field of Real Estate Development and Services, the Group holds a leading position in the industry via its subsidiary REDS SA (55.4%), which is also listed on the Athens Exchange.

The investment interest of REDS SA is focused on the development of Retail Parks, Commercial & Entertainment Centres, Organised Residential Complexes, Exhibition Centres, as well as Office buildings and buildings for Mixed Purposes.

Having developed, managed and sold approximately 200,000 m2, including two of the first commercial and entertainment centres in Greece and two pioneer residential complexes in Athens, the Group developed retail park "Smart Park" in east Attica, which is a unique, modern open air shopping centre that covers an area of 53,000 m2.

Currently, REDS SA is involved in two large scale projects: the development of Alimos Marina, the largest marina in the Balkan region and the development of the historic Camba Estate, a project to be constructed on a 315.000m2 plot located in Kantza, Attica.

Finally, REDS SA operates in the field of exhibition and conference centres through its participation in the Athens Metropolitan Expo (11.67%)