The Group

ELLAKTOR is an international holding group based in Greece with long-term investments in key fields, including construction, environment and participation in concession projects, with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in complex and demanding projects.

Construction: In the field of construction, AKTOR SA , a subsidiary that carries out, along with its subsidiaries, all Group construction activities, is the leading construction company in Greece with important presence in 20 countries. The main activities of AKTOR involve Construction, Photovoltaic Projects, Quarries, and the Management of Projects and Installations.
AKTOR is the cornerstone of the Group's growth, with qualified staff and extensive know-how.

Concessions: In the field of Concessions, ELLAKTOR Group operates via its wholly-owned subsidiary "AKTOR CONCESSIONS SA". AKTOR CONCESSIONS SA is a strong business unit operating in the Management of Projects, Holdings and Concessions in the fields of Infrastructure, Real Estate Development and Energy. It is a leading concession company in Greece, with holdings in the contractors (concessionaires) that have been awarded the largest projects in the country and in their relevant operating companies. It has constructed and currently operates Athens Ring Road, the Rio-Antirio Bridge, in which it holds 59.2% and 22.00% respectively, and Car Park Station Concession projects. It participates in three of the five major cofinanced projects currently in progress (Moreas, Olympia Odos and Aegean Motorways).
In June 2015, the company signed with HELECTOR a Concession Contract (PPP) in relation to the project "Waste Management of Western Macedonia". The company is staffed with highly qualified and fully trained staff who ensure its further growth in Greece and abroad.

Environment: In the field of Environment, the Group, via its subsidiary HELECTOR in which it holds a 94.4% interest, is a leader in Greece and in Cyprus in Waste Management, while it also has a significant presence abroad. HELECTOR operates in the construction and operation of Mechanical and Biological Treatment Facilities, Landfills, power generation plants using biogas from landfills, disposal sites of waste and organic waste through anaerobic digestion plants, hospital waste incinerators and leachate treatment facilities. By acquiring HERHOF GmbH, the Group gained access to innovative technologies relating to the recycling of mixed municipal waste for the recovery of materials and power generation, either through aerobic digestion (for the production of recyclables and certified dry stabilat) and/or through anaerobic digestion (for the production of organic compost and biogas), thus becoming an important player in a field with significant growth potential globally, as the awarding of large projects demonstrates (Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, etc).

Energy​: ELLAKTOR Group has been operating in the field of renewable energy sources since 2000, via its subsidiary ELTECH ANEMOS in which it holds 86%. On 22.7.2014 ELTECH ANEMOS was listed on the main market of HELEX and its share started trading, with the Group's interest at 64.50%. ELTECH ANEMOS has significant experience and know-how in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of wind parks. It has constructed, owns and operates fourteen wind parks (201 MW), one photovoltaic plant (2 MW) and one hydro plant (5 MW), with a total installed capacity of 208 MW. Two new wind parks with a total capacity of 56.7 MW are currently under construction, and are expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Further, the company holds an extensive portfolio of wind park permits (775 MW) at various development stages.

Real Estate Development & Services: In the field of Real Estate Development and Services, the Group holds a leading position in the industry via its subsidiary REDS SA (55.4%), which is also listed on the Athens Exchange. The investment interest of REDS SA is focused on the development of Retail Parks, Commercial & Entertainment Centres, Organised Residential Complexes, Exhibition Centres, as well as Office buildings and buildings for Mixed Purposes. Having developed, managed and sold approximately 200,000 m2, including two of the first commercial and entertainment centres in Greece and two pioneer residential complexes in Athens, the Group developed retail park "Smart Park" in Yialou, Spata-Attica, which is a unique, modern commercial centre that covers an area of 35,000 m2 to be expanded by another 18,000 m2 at a later stage. At the same time REDS SA is preparing the development of Kamba Estate, a project to be constructed on a 315 stremma plot located in Kantza, Attica, and is the process of town planning, while the company awaits the improvement of the economy in SE Europe to continue with the development of its real estate in Bucharest, Romania. Finally, REDS SA operates in the field of exhibition and conference centres through its participation in the Athens Metropolitan Expo (11.67%).

Other investments: Having identified the growth opportunities that emerged in certain fields of activity, ELLAKTOR has made medium- and long-term investments by exploiting their potential, with the purpose of creating value for its shareholders. Specifically, the Group has invested in the management of tourist and entertainment facilities, holding 30% in Athens Resort Casino SA.